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    Mr Ma Lijun present at US-China Energy leadership routable

    Writer:北京華能達 Source:未知 Click: Date:2013-11-28 15:56

    Hosted by Asian Clean Energy Innovation Initiative, co-organized by Duke Energy, the US-China Energy leadership roundtable was hold in Beijing on November 6th, 2013. Giants in China-US energy industry, experts, and entrepreneurs gathered around and build a platform for communication and cooperation. Chairman Ma made wonderful speech. 


    Mr Ma Lijun, the president of Huanengda power technology, made a speech in the meeting

    Mr Ma Lijun, the president of Huanengda power technology, made a speech in the meeting


    Mr Ma Lijun ,the president of huannengda power technology (Second row, Right 3)

    Gary Faye Locke,The United States Ambassador to the People's Republic of China (First row, Lef6)

    Mr Ma Lijun ,the president of huannengda power technology (Second row, Right 3)


    President Mr Ma Lijun talked with American representative

    President Mr Ma Lijun talked with American representative


    As World’s Two Largest Economies, China and USA is the world's largest two energy producer and  consumer, China and USA Face the same challenge and share the common interest on high-efficient clean energy development, energy security, climatic variation issue. Industry Leaders in the meeting share experience and explore innovative solution for energy crisis and global environmental change issue.