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    Radial electrostatic precipitator passes experts evaluation

    Writer:北京華能達 Source:未知 Click: Date:2013-11-28 14:39



    With over 5 year’s research and development, HuaNengDa’s Radial electrostatic precipitator technology is officially approved by Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, which is a subordination to The Ministry of environmental protection of China, in Step 27th 2013 at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.


    In the technology assessment and evaluation meeting, a number of renowned experts at home and abroad in atmospheric pollutants control field remark the technology an innovative and revolutionary improvement in electrostatic dust collection filed. The experts discuss the meaning and significance of the technology in present China, and expect a national wide application.


    Conclusion of expert team:

    1.The creative and innovative anode plate made of Porous foamed metal with rotating perpendicular structure is vertical to the gas flow.  And it has been award the invention patent.

    2.Base on the laboratory experiment result, Huanengda pilot run two radial electrostatic precipitator in Ning Xia Ma liantai power plant and Ning xiayinchuan power plant, according to the field test result, two Radial electrostaticprecipitator both have excellent dust collection efficiency.

    3.The technology has high efficiency on particulate matter collection, and is in the domestic leading level.

    With the affirmation of expert team, we firmly believe our 0 emission project is promising. At present, emission concentration under our radial electrostatic precipitator is 5 mg/Nm, and we aim that the emission concentration reaches 0 mg/Nm in 2014. Wish our effort would bring back earth the blue sky, and people get clean air