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    Huanengda initiating "Blue Sky project"

    Writer:bjhnd Source:未知 Click: Date:2013-07-05 13:26

    Chairman Zhang and delegations of relative Bureau of Ningxia visited Beijing Huanengda’s manufacturing base on 28th Jun, 2013. Huanengda’s chairmen Mr. Ma Lijun made detailed presentation of Redial Flow Electrostatic Precipitation (here in after is RFEP)
    Chairmen Zhang complimented Beijing Huanengda’s R& D directions and achievements in field. She said the government should back up to such hi-tech enterprise. Other heads of government also show their confidence about the popularization and application of HND’s RFEP
    Chairmen Ma expressed that Huanengda will keep moving in R&D, optimize product, increase output, and giving back to the society.



    Chairmen Ma introduced the RFEP.