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    Beijing Huanengda opened up new approach of PM 2.5 Capture

    Writer:bjhnd Source: Click: Date:2013-09-24 12:55

    Beijing Huanengda’s demo project of ESP, witch called Radial Flow Electrostatic Precipitation (Here in after is RFEP) in Ningxia Maliantai Power Station was evaluated by School of Environment of Tsinghua University from 13th to 15th Sep, 2013. The Outlet dust concentration is 3.7 mg/Nm³. The data of this project, which was built in November 2012, has reached the international advanced level in the field of ESP.
    The emission concentration of industrial dust could be reduced to 5mg/Nm³ by Beijing Huanengda’s RFEP. According to school of energy and environment of southeast of university, the capture rate of PM 2.5 can reach to 95%.
    In 2011, the RFEP is independently developed by Beijing Huanengda, this proprietary technology we have was also patented by the Chinese national patent registration administration.