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    Intellectual Property Rights Declaration

    Writer:北京華能達 Source:未知 Click: Date:2011-09-06 10:26

    Recently, Beijing HUANENGDA electricity technology limited liability company found that enterprises without authorization, manufacturing, sales promotion for infringement of patent products, including patents for the rotary air preheater, inventor: Meng Jinlai patent number: ZL 200410009008 patent owner: Meng Jinlai authorized announcement: April 4, 2007, obtain official" patent", for a period of in 20 years. And authorize Beijing HUANENGDA electricity technology limited liability company exclusive use of the technology, the technology is the core of flexible sealing technology.

    In view of the serious infringement. Beijing Dacheng Law firm partner lawyer Peng Yanhong as the company perennial legal counsel to accept Beijing HUANENGDA electricity technology limited liability company commissioned, published human rights declaration. The following statement:

    . Beijing HUANENGDA power technology limited liability company is China's thermal power technical field of rapid development of enterprises, the company invention patents for the rotary air preheater, unauthorized other units of information, manufacturing, sales of proprietary products ( see company's Web site describes specific models or product catalog. )

    Two. Recently found a business without publicity, manufacturing, sale violations by patent product, wherein the invention patents for the rotary air preheater, patent No. ZL 200410009008 by tort is very serious, this behavior has seriously violated the" patent law" stipulates that the eleventh invention:" after the grant of the patent right, any unit or individual without patent license, shall not implement the patent shall, for production and business purposes, manufacturing, sales, import the patented product." Patent Method" and" the fifty-seventh regulation: " without patentee, exploit the patent, the patent infringement." , violations of the legitimate rights and interests of clients.

    If the unit has encroached upon the client's patents, must immediately stop using the client's patented technology, at the same time requirement tort unit immediately and client contact reconciliation matters.

    Solemnly told customers do not use suspected invasion of patent products, has been the use of infringing products hope for immediate termination of infringement, to stop using, but also please relevant units and individual attention, not purchase and use of intellectual property products, to your company bring unnecessary trouble and loss of reputation.

    Otherwise, the law will be based on the client's Commission, in accordance with the" patent law" the sixtieth regulation, to the patent administration department complaints or directly to the people's court, at the appointed time, units will assume tort such as loss of goodwill and infringement damage compensation for infringement of patent and handle matters other expenditure it legal consequences.

    Please tort units in that human rights declaration within 10 days after the Peng Yanhong attorney, to double the consultation to properly resolve the infringement.

    Peng Yanhong's lawyer contact as follows:

    Phone: 010-58137018 mobile phone : 13911225893

    Fax: 010-58137788

    E-mail: yanhong.peng@dachenglaw.com