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    Beijing Huanengda Company devotes itself to, and acquired brilliant achievements in, the invent and innovation in the aspects of the flexible contact mode sealing technology of air pre-heater, pulsed gas-based dust elimination device, steam turbine sealing technology and desulfurizing & denitrogenation technologies, etc. and ranks the leading position in the electric power aspect. The Company has passed in succeed the examinations for National High-Tech Technology Enterprises, Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprises and Beijing Municipal Quality-Trustworthy Enterprise. The flexible contact mode sealing technology independently developed by Beijing Huanengda Company for the air pre-heater is the advanced technology which is the proprietary technology in China and reaches the internationally leading level. The technology, as a national patent (No. ZL 2004 1 0009008.0), is also assessed as the Beijing Municipal Torch Program and the excellent scientific and technological achievement (registration No. 9112008y0434)by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The technology also passed the appraisal as the new scientific and technological achievement by China Electricity Council and is assessed as the grade I scientific and technological achievement by Datang Power Generation Group, in December 2009, it also listed in the National Key Energy Saving Technology Popularizing Program by the National Development and Reform Commission of China.
    Beijing Huanengda Company has established close cooperation with the scientific research institutes such as China Electric Power Research Institute, the Heat Energy and Power Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Southeast University and Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., etc. in the aspects of producing, learning and researching.